Should milk be on the menu?

There are many in the field of alternative health who turn away from cows’ milk and products but I am not one of them, the reason being that cows’milk (organic) is a rich and abundant supply of calcium and protein plus essential vitamins.  But should you have problems digesting this highly nutritious food then there are plenty of plant based alternatives with added calcium and vitamins and therefore the same health benefits.  I personally like the taste of hemp milk and soy milk on my granola and I use almond milk in my smoothies (unsweetened of course).  These don’t contain the lactose (milk sugar) in cows’ milk so are easier to digest if you are deficient in the enyme called lactase in your small intestine which breaks down the milk sugar into glucose for use by our muscles and organs.  Many of us are lactose intolerant and I can give advice on substitutes and recipes if you are.