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Elaine Povey, BSc (Hons) is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition and can help you to see your health as an investment and not an expense. She specialises in helping women overcome hormonal imbalances (peri and menopause symptoms), IBS and food intolerances by using a combination of evidence-based nutrition and a holistic approach to improve your wellbeing.  She believes passionately that food can be the safest form of medicine and will show you how to become an intuitive eater using your body’s signals to hunger and fullness.

How can NutritionWise help you?

NOTE:  I am available now for 1-2-1 appointments for personalised nutrition advice in the comfort of your home or garden and these can be arranged by using the form on the contact page above. 

A nutrition consultation will focus you on behavioural change needed to meet your personal goals agreed in your nutrition plan which I prepare from our consultation and your completed food diary. I offer practical solutions with a weekly menu planner and recipes plus shopping list suitable for your specific dietary needs.

A nutrition consultation will help you to:

  • eat intuitively and listen to your body’s hunger cues
  • improve bone density and overcome osteopenia
  • reduce IBS and food intolerance symptoms
  • control your blood sugar levels & type 2 diabetes
  • lose weight or gain weight
  • improve your emotional well-being & confidence through hormonal balancing
  • avoid health problems such as hypertension & heart disease

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to assess if I can help you. Then an appointment is booked for about 60 minutes and this can be at Sunfish Yoga and Therapy, 24 Church Street, Wye. Future consultations last for about 45 minutes.

I offer a package of three consultations which includes one consultation of 60 minutes and two consultations of 45 minutes plus on-going support via text or email until the third appointment.

Payment can be made at the end of the consultations and cash or cheque are acceptable forms of payment.

For further information please contact me.  I fully comply with the new GDPR Regs (see Privacy Policy attachment).