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What are the benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera offers innumerable health benefits. The key to its benefits lies in the undiluted pure product which can purchased from me. A major action of Aloe is to increase the activity and effectiveness of the immune system (Strickland et al 2004). There have now been many publications confirming the anti-inflammatory activity that the existence of the effect is in no doubt (Davis 1997). Aloe inhibits the complex tissue events that accompany inflammation. The result is that the pain, soreness, redness and swelling associated with tissue damage diminish more rapidly than would otherwise be the case.
There is scientific evidence supporting the use of Aloe vera against peptic ulcers, IBS and Crohn’s disease and other related illnesses. The immune system and the anti-inflammatory effects are almost bound to contribute to the digestive effects because the immune system is active within the gastrointestinal system and because many gastrointestinal symptoms are caused by inflammation. The widespread claims for Aloe’s wider use for gastrointestinal symptoms suggest a real need for further research.